Okada Guy Caught Live On Camera Touching And Caressing Client’s Thighs

Okada Guy Caught Live On Camera Touching And Caressing Client’s Thighs.

A controversial video has surfaced on social media showing a yet-to-be-identified Boda Boda rider busy touching and caressing a woman’s thighs.

In the said clip making rounds on social media, the rider can be seen carrying a woman who is approximated to be in her early 30’s.

Stuck in jam and completely puzzled by the number of cars in traffic the shameless Boda Boda man turns to touching and caressing his passenger.

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As if excited and entertained by what the Boda guy was doing, the lady in question showed no sign of restraint an indication that perhaps she had borrowed into the rider’s mischief.


On seeing the shameless act taking place right in the middle of the road, one of the motorist on the other hand of the high way began recording all the action take place.

On finishing recording the shameless act, a yet-to-be-identified investigative guy quickly uploaded the clip on social media and since yesterday the video has gone places.

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On seeing the video make rounds on social media a number of netizens began commenting with many wondering if the passenger was his client or just a girlfriend

”Wait!…. is this a passenger or his chicken & chips?’‘ a one Kakensa asked

A one Nsubuga also commented by saying the Lady might be a girlfriend to the Boda guy ”Eyo chips nawe I mean who allows you to touch her with rusty hands”

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A one Linet Kakayi seemed to support the boda guy ”That’s why I hate sitting like that on a bike. Those bu guys  Leero obudde bubeere nga bwakumakya nyo!! Ate nabakazi baliluno emitima gyakaluba atuula ku boda nga yenna buli kimu kili bweru. Ssebo aboda nabo bantu ebintu bikyankalana

Watch Video;

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Okada Guy Caught Live On Camera Touching And Caressing Client’s Thighs

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