Ohh No!! Judith Heard sextape ,Hacker Leaks Fresh Copies Of Nude Pics, She Cries Out For Help

Judith Heard sextape : International model and city socialite Nalongo Judith Heard is currently under panic after fresh copies of her nude pics getting leaked on social media, she claims it was hackers but how did they get hold of content in her phone?

According to Judith Heard, she has revealed that she lost her Twitter account to a hacker who started posting photos exposing her nude body.

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The mother of three apologized to the public for the unfortunate incident which is now happening for the second time.

“My Twitter account has been hacked and the hacker is posting my nudes I apologize for this I know this is the second time it’s happening but please understand me I need your support.“- she posted on her Facebook.

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However, some of our experts had gotten hold of some photos including the one below:

Judith Heard sextape :
Judith Heard sextape :

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