NTV producer is seen praising sleep gods after a marathon with her ex-boyfriend’s talented tongue -Watch

NTV producer Ann Nixon’s nudes leak. She is seen praising sleep gods after a marathon with her ex-boyfriend’s talented tongue

Ann Nixon is seen praising the sleep gods on a bed in a hotel after a heavy bonk and Virginia tongue inspection by her ex-boyfriend who apparently leaked the n*des.

The internet and its netizens are in total shock after the n*des of NTV Uganda’s The Beat and Dance Party producer Ann Nixons broke the internet.

We have landed on some pics that have been released by an anonymous person. There is no way to determine that it is, in FACT, Ann in the images. But it sure looks like her without any clothes.

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The shocking and NEVER BEFORE seen pics are said to have leaked by a dude who bonked her so badly in one of the top city hotels.

The photos that are currently being shared on social media show how this tall African beauty is well-gifted and clean downstairs. Because of this, we believe that she turns dudes into tongue warriors.

Ann was bonked so hard that she started praising sleep gods

By sober judgment, her ex-boyfriend who leaked the nudes was a super Muzinnyi with a donkey-like whopper on top of a talented tongue that hit all the angles of her Virginia territory sending her to slumberland.

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As usual, Bazinnyi tried to reach her PR team but our efforts were futile because her known phone numbers were switched off by press time.

Ann nixon nudes
Close friends claim Ann is still praising her ex-boyfriend’s game in bed despite the fact that he leaked the nudes

It should be remembered that five years ago, Ann Nixon was reportedly fired from NTV for misconduct together with her co-worker – Kevin Kaija before the Serena-based TV management announced the firing of the two employees over what the management called gross misconduct.

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Ann Nixon spoke out in an apologetic letter and finally found her way back to the station where she was later promoted to a senior producer position.

We shall keep you posted with more updates. Keep it Zzina!



WATCH: NTV’s Ann Nixon apologises, says ex-lover leaked her nude photos

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