Not Sure Anymore? How to Read the Signs She’s Not Into You Anymore

 How to Read the Signs She’s Not Into You Anymore || You give your all in the relationship, but you have this feeling that she’s not feeling the same way. What are the signs she’s not into you anymore?

One of the exhausting things about dating is how you’re always trying to read the other person. Things like knowing the signs she’s not into you anymore might go over your head. Then, you invest more time and might develop stronger feelings for her when she’s feeling the opposite.

You aren’t comfortable with each other yet or not great communicators, so you must read between the lines and get the hints they send you. It’s all very tiring. If you can, work on direct communication. It just makes your life so much easier.

But, let’s not get distracted from the point of this article. You have a feeling she’s not into you anymore. This feeling sucks; of course, you don’t want to admit it until you have some evidence to back it up. I get ya.


13 biggest signs she’s not into you anymore

As usual, I highly recommend you confront her about her feelings and what’s going on between you. Why waste your time on someone you feel isn’t really into you anymore? I could have saved myself days, probably even months, of figuring out “what we are” without actually having to talk to the person about it.

And at the end of the day, my gut feelings were right, and we just wasted both of our time. So, talk about it with them. If you want to look at the signs beforehand to help you make that next step, here they are.

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Sometimes you see the signs she’s not into you anymore, it happens.

#1 You feel it. You’re not stupid. If you have a gut feeling she’s no longer into you; the odds are you’re probably right. You know the relationship better than anyone else, so you know what’s going on between you and when things changed.

#2 She never contacts you. You’re always the one who needs to call or text her. If not, you probably would never speak to her again. That’s a problem. If you were seeing each other, she should communicate with you and make those small steps to talk to you.

#3 Your sexual activity has changed. This is a nice way for saying you have stopped having sex, or the sex has become extremely uncomfortable. It’s normal for couples to go through dry spells, but usually, that passes with time. However, if she’s not interested in working on the relationship and improving your sex life, something is a little off.

#4 She doesn’t share her personal life with you. You used to be the first person she would talk to if something happened in her life, whether good or bad. But now, she’s stopped telling you about her life. If she was into you, she wouldn’t hide her life from you. 

#5 She makes fun of you. Now, of course, there are jokes we make towards our partners that poke fun at them, but they’re usually light-hearted. But if she’s making hurtful comments and then saying she was only joking, that’s not nice. There’s no need to insult or degrade your partner.

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#6 No more talks about the future. You planned a trip together for the summer, but any talk of it has disappeared. It’s not that you avoid the future, she avoids it. If any talks of the future have come to a screeching halt, something is up.

#7 She never asks about how you’re feeling. In a healthy relationship, the people involved are interested in each other and make sure their partners are doing okay. But she never asks how you’re doing or feeling. Even when it’s clear you’re not doing your best, she never inquires why.

#8 She always has a reason to reject any intimacy. This isn’t about sex; that’s not what intimacy is necessarily about. Instead of embracing you, she pushes you away when you touch her or hug her. She becomes irritated and annoyed when you show her affection, and this isn’t a good sign she’s still into you.

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#9 She’s very flaky. When you two first met, she was always on time and committed to going out with you. But now, she can hardly keep her plans with you. She’s become very flaky and unreliable. Listen, if someone wants to spend time with you, they’ll find a way to do it.

#10 She’s no longer interested in something serious. A couple of months ago, she was telling you she wants a serious relationship, but now, she’s backing up and says she’s not looking for anything serious. That’s not a bad thing, she’s free to make that decision, but see where it’s coming from. Is this because she’s not into you anymore?

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#11 You’ve been introduced as a “friend.” Uh oh, well, you know this isn’t good. If you have been seeing each other for some time, and then she introduces you to others as your friend, she’s making it clear what’s going on between you.

#12 She’s always on her phone around you. If someone is into you, they won’t be glued to their phone when sitting next to you. If they like you, they give you all of their attention and vice versa. If she spends more time on her phone than quality time with you, talk to her about it.

#13 There’s just no effort. How can I put this nicely? There’s just no effort coming from her side. She doesn’t hang out with you, isn’t very interested in talking with you. In other words, she isn’t into you anymore. Though she hasn’t verbalized it, she’s showing you.


If you feel or see the signs she’s not into you anymore, why don’t you just talk to her about it? It could be she no longer has feelings for you but doesn’t know how to end the relationship or it could be a different problem. || How to Read the Signs She’s Not Into You Anymore

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