Carol Nantongo

“No one has ever chewed my sumbie, am still a virgin”- Carol Nantongo reveals

Golden band’s singer Carol Nantongo has left horny men in a frenzy rage after coming out to confirm that she is still virgin.

Its really a big miracle these days like trying out Jesus’ wonders mention walking on water to come across a female who is virgin given the rate at which smart wire kings harvest their thigh gardens but for starters, the ‘Sirwana’ hit singer has proved through her social media platform how she is still innocent and has never tasted any man in her entire life.

“Am a virgin..le mi hope no one iz gonna shout on this” Said Carol Nantongo.

However, the revelation has really sounded sarcastic according to critics given the speedy rate at which city smart wire kings are enjoying the singer’s forbidden fruit with her fellow musicians also not missing out in the queue right from her ex-boyfriend, singer and songwriter Flat Iron, Eddie Yaawe and latest being Aziz Azion.



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