Njuzu’s sextape Spark Heated Debates After Videos Go Viral On Social Media

Njuzu’s sextape Spark Heated Debates After Videos Go Viral On Social Media.


Curvy socialite and social media personality Njuzu has been trending on social media for all the wrong reasons in the last 24 hours. This comes after a series of bedroom tapes taken by the socialite, real name Monalisa Henrieta Chavura, leaked onto social media.

While it is not quite clear who may have leaked the explicit videos, Njuzu’s bedroom tapes attracted a lot of attention after they went viral on social media platforms.

One of the first videos which made its way onto public platforms seems to have attracted an inordinate interest and generated a lot of discussion on female anatomy, particularly, the privates.

In the video, Njuzu who is famous for her voluptuous figure is lying on a bed and playing with her privates while confidently looking into the camera. She later squirts a liquid, something which has caused a lot of debate.


Njuzu's Bedroom Tapes Spark Heated Debates After Videos Go Viral On Social Media
Njuzu’s sextape Spark Heated Debates After Videos Go Viral On Social Media





However, most of the discussions and debates seem to be focused on the size of the socialite’s anatomy. It seems that a lot of people, both men and women, were of the opinion that Njuzu’s opening appears to be rather bigger than expected.

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This resulted in some people suggesting that the socialite needs to take traditional herbs to constrict the size of the opening. Others even suggested more radical solutions such as surgery.

Other people, however, argued that there was nothing unusual about Njuzu’s vag_ina and called on people to educate themselves on the different types and sizes of privates. They also highlighted that the criticism being directed at Njuzu was a form of body shaming since she has no control over her body.

Below are some of the more interesting and in some cases puzzling reactions from Zimbabweans on social media.

That video is the more reason I always encourage guys to marry virgins. Don’t ever compromise on that. If you marry a virgin & she later has that kind of anatomy at least you will know you are the one who gave her that. Kwete zvekuti hautombozive kuti buri racho akapihwa nani.

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— Nzekete AG (@AMakuyana) April 13, 2021 ||| Njuzu’s sextape


It’s usually vane tudora who fixate to much on the size of a woman’s vagina otherwise if your manhood is of the average size, it’s the least of your worries ??‍♀️

— Thabi (@MwanaWachihera) April 13, 2021


She is beautiful, she has a beautiful body but buri ihombe zvaro.
Vamwe vanogona vainawo maburi mahombe but rake raiswa pasocial media so we will give our views.

— Cathy de’ Medici (@Orang57407194) April 13, 2021


No one commented her beautiful breast, skin and flat tummy, actually saw nothing wrong with her private part, my problem is why would she call herself njuzu, something that can be said not to exist whilst she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

— Kudakwashe Monalisa Nyamukomba (@KudakwasheMona) April 13, 2021


My guy,I don’t body shame people ini.
Can’t be shaming munhu for stuff they have no control over.

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— ShaSha ✨ (@shimmygutura) April 13, 2021


Kana . I invested a lot in searching for a good wife to end up nemunda akamborimwa. Uye iniwacho handirime Minda dzandisingade kugara.
As a man when you marry someone asiri virgin you always trying to be better than her Ex and it psychologically affects you.

— Nzekete AG (@AMakuyana) April 13, 2021


https://t.co/OD7THpq42T pic.twitter.com/xrHKk4Wd57

— Uncle Sena ™ (@senamisomoyo) April 13, 2021


There are other ways to prove your point than to drag your wife’s anatomy into this social media brouhaha. https://t.co/Z42i5KUoKC

— Chazezesa Makwiramiti (@GumbuTakunda) April 13, 2021


If they were excited about getting their dignity & freedom back as they are excited about Njuzu today;
They would be driving on good roads, going to hospitals with medication, drinking clean running water, having jobs, their kids going to food schools!

Reflect on your priorities pic.twitter.com/NkjmFCtRoU

— Hopewell Chin’ono Today (@daddyhope) April 13, 2021


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