Nina Roz Speaks Out About Rumors of Beating Up Daddy Andre After Catching Him Cheating

After rumors of them breaking up, different people came out with testimonies including how Daddy Andre showed up for a performance Limping and that Nina Roz had beaten him up. She has opened with the truth of what happened.

Rumor was ignited by UK based blogger Ritah Kaggwa when she took to Snap Chat and revealed how Andre had jumped from Nina Roz’s sumbie like a Kangaroo to another sexy-oozing bae.

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Ritah Kaggwa further fussed that ‘Andre on the bean’ used Nina Roz as a shield to escape ‘rape allegations’ he was implicated in then but he wasn’t into any serious relationship with the ‘Munda Ddala’ singer.

While conducting a phone interview with a local TV station, the couple maintained that they are still together, living under the same roof and bonking tubeless as they search for ‘Musika’.


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…we are good me and my wife. There is nothing like break up and i don’t have any affair with another woman. The babe am being linked with, i have only seen her one day and it was strictly business, how is that even possible? Am not that powerful to rub shoulders with a man””, he confirmed.

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