Nigel Gaisie want to Nana Aba Nana Aba Anamoah -Ken Agyapong

Ken Agyapong names celebrity sex partners of Nigel Gaisie, praises Nana Aba for ‘bouncing’ him

Nigel Gaisie want to Nana Aba Nana Aba Anamoah || New Patriotic Party(NPP) firebrand Kennedy Agyapong has promised to in the coming days further blow the cover of Prophet Nigel Gaisie who is the founder and Leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel.

Mr. Kennedy Agyapong who is unrelenting in his resolve to expose some fake men of God in the country claimed that the prophet appears to be preaching virtue but practicing the opposite by keeping multiple sexual partners who are known Ghanaians celebrities.

He revealed on The Seat on NET 2 TV monitored by thatcelebrity.com that these celebrities including radio presenters and actress have been taking turns to warm the bed of the prophet promising to also expose them with hardcore evidence in the coming days.

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“Because of the small job you are going to find you engage in sex with this man. The only person I respect among them is Nana Aba Anamoah. He tried to use various schemes to get her into his bed but she never fell for it…She is a deep thinker and a smart woman. I have serious names here  including someone from this house (Kencity Media) when she was going, she carried two champagnes”

The maverick politician however singled out the Business Manager of GHone TV for praise for refusing to fall for the lustful antics of the Man of God who was determined to get into her pants.

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He noted that  Nana Aba Anaomah has proven she is a woman of honour and virtue by consistently staying to her principles by refusing the secual advances of the randy Prophet, describing her as a very smart woman.

“I wonder why an important personality like President Mahama would associate with a person like Nigel Gaisie”. “I respect him a lot,  God has blessed him so much that I don’t understand why he should be associating with such a character” the MP queried.

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The NPP firebrand ended the show by promising viewers of the show of more exposé with pictures and names of some of the celebrities Prophet Gaisie has slept with.

Nigel Gaisie want to Nana Aba Nana Aba Anamoah


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