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Newlyweds chauffeured on a donkey cart [Photos]

Romanus, an employee of the Department of Agriculture and a lotto agent rode home with his newly wedded wife in a donkey cart after their nuptials in Tumu in the Upper West Region.

Contrary to the Ghanaian tradition of the newlyweds driving away in a luxurious car bedecked with ribbons and balloons, the groom, Mr Romanus and his bride decided to cut their coat according to their size and rode home on a colt-driven cart.

The donkey cart, saddled with a wooden trolley was fully adorned with ribbons and bright yellow and blue balloons.

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But before being wheeled away in the tarpaulin-roofed trolley, the couple had a photoshoot with family and friends after being pronounced husband and wife at a morning mass last Sunday.

Their joyful ride through the town of Tumu caught the attention of the public who watched on, both surprised and amused at the spectacle.


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