New Shocking Evidence Showing How Hanson Chews Douglas Lwanga’s Wife Leaks

New shocking evidence has been leaked by people close to NBS TV presenter Douglas Lwanga and his wife Lisa Lindah showing how she is being chewed by still struggling musician Hanson Baliruno.

According to a video clip going around social media, showing Sweden based Blogger Raymon Soulfa aka Peng Peng talking about the couple and their ups and downs.

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Peng Peng has accused singer Hanson Baliruno of chewing renowned NBS TV presenter Douglas Lwanga’s wife Linda Lisa after buying her underwears in Sweden.

Peng says that Hanson and Douglas had visited Sweden together and they ended up going for shopping where the singer decided to buy some for Lisa Linda.

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According to Peng, Hanson used to enjoy Lisa’s fruit while her husband was busy making money through presenting on NTV the Beat show.


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