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New Juaben Assembly suspends operation of “Abobo Yaa” over COVID-19

The New Juaben South Municipal Assembly in the Eastern Region has suspended the use of tricycle popularly known as” Abobo Yaa or Pragya” as a commercial transport.

The Assembly took the decision over continuous violation of social distancing protocols and reckless driving.

The suspension which took effect Monday, May 12, 2020, will last for two weeks for sensitization and restructuring of that mode of transportation to ensure strict adherence to social distancing protocols and road safety regulations.

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Yesterday we held a meeting with Abobo Yaa leadership, we noticed that a lot of them were not following the safety protocols. Instead of them to take two at the back they were taking three and four. Also, most of them do not abide by the rules of traffic so upon a report from a concerned citizen we decided to convey a meeting with the leadership then we had a dialogue.They all agreed to the need to restrategize the system,” The Municipal Chief Executive for New Juaben South Isaac Appaw Gyasi told Kasapa News.

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He said the Assembly will take the opportunity to sanitize the operation of the commercial tricycle to ensure that only licensed riders are allowed to operate.

The Motorized tricycle has become a popular means of transport in the New Juaben South Municipality patronized by many passengers due to the affordability of transport fare.

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Ghana’s law, however, does not permit the use of tricycles as a means of transport.

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