New Beef Boiling Up After JESA Replacing Rema with Sheeebah, They Refused to Renew Her Contract

The latest reports coming through confirm how TNS singer Sheebah Karungi has replaced Rema Namakula as the new Jessa Milk/Yoghurt Brand Ambassador after the company refused to renew her contract, boiling up fresh beef.

Official communication from parties involved in the deal is imminent. Rema’s contract with the company expired and Sheebah was scouted as the ideal replacement.

Jessa Company was very much willing to renew Rema’s Ambassadorial contract with them on condition that the new contract would incorporate her husband #HAMZA, without impacting the financial clauses of the contract. This means Rema & Hamza would be Ambassadors of Jessa, but at the same value that Jessa was paying Rema alone in the initial contract that has expired.

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Rema wildly objected to this proposal. She wanted an improved financial commitment from Jessa if the new contract was to include Hamza as an Ambassador too. This made Jessa to opt for Sheebah who is equally ‘powerful’ and she is gonna be officially unveiled soon.


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