Netizens not happy with what these ladies were found doing with glass shaped like Dick at a party- Watch

Wild reactions have trailed a video of two women sipping their drinks from a dildo.

Majority of commenters have condemned the duo saying the buffoonery these slay queens parade on social media is hitting a new low and want sanity to prevail for the benefit of kids who also prowl on the internet.

They correctly pointed out that the internet is vast and full of potential yet these bunch of women always contaminate it with their clout chasing activities.

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As sighted in the video, the young ladies stormed a party carrying their own glasses- shaped like manhood to the venue.

Having filled the content with a juice drink, they stylishly placed it in their mouths as though they were performing BJ on it.

Well, the video below carries all the information so just watch it.



In other trending news, a married woman who decided to have fun probably to entertain her husband has become the toast of netizens after she gave them a free show.

Per snippet of the footage available to us, the lady while wearing a nightie with no pants or underwear started dancing and doing crazing stuff.

In the process, her bushy vajay became bare and because she was aware of it, she edited it by using a big emoji to cover that part after filming.

Although her dance was fast-paced, eagle-eyed netizens still spotted the ‘free show’ she offered.

We have no idea who leaked it onto the public domain but it looks harmless from afar and we believe she won’t be depressed once the video starts going viral.


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