“NBS TV journalist and His Friends Raped Me, I Was Going to Expose them”- ex-Girlfriend Claims

“Canary Mugume and His Gay Friends Raped Me,  || NBS TV’s journalist Canary Mugume is in hot soup after being accused of rape by his ex-Rwandan girlfriend.

The investigative journalist is being accused by a one Cherry Gisha as per her social media names for having raped her back in 2018 and then after dumped her like a rug.

Despite bleeding with trauma and psychological torture for two good years, Cherry Gisha has decided to expose Canary Mugume who she also claims to be gay so as to get justice.

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It is alleged that Canary committed the evil in the company of his friends while in his car after mixing drugs in Cherry’s milk thereby raping her as revenge for reporting him to his mother-in-law that he was doing homosexuality.

“It hz been difficult 4 me 2 speak out fearing 2 be laughed at But it’s time 2 demand 4 justice. I was raped by @CanaryMugume in 2018 in his friend’s car after him & his gay friends mixed drugs in mai drink. He accused me of informing his mum that he was doing homosexuality,” tweeted Cherry Gisha.


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