NBS TV ‘Hit Maker’ show host, MC Casmir Caught Red handed Eating Neighbor’s Wife | VIDEO

NBS TV ‘Hit Maker’ show host, MC Casmir, real name Mukisa Kimenyi was caught redhanded eating neigbour’s wife pussy into pieces.

Casmir who left Urban TV and joined NBS TV in March last year, replaced Justin Bas on the ‘Hit Maker’ show after latter decided to resign following a decade working with Naguru Summit View station.

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MC Casmir
MC Casmir

His new gig at NBS TV seems to have marketed Casmir among the Kampala birds. Since he doesn’t need to put in much, he started munching.

Unfortunately, he was netted after concerned neighbours tipped off the bird’s owner.

In a video making rounds on social media, Casmir can be seen on handcuffs as police investigators ask him to sit on the bed and confirm whether it’s the real place where he slaughtered the neighbor’s bird from.

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The bird MC Casmir slaughtered

The remorseful Casmir sat on bed, admitted slaughtering the bird as he asked for forgiveness. Later, the bird was also brought and admitted that MC Cashir slaughtered her from the same mazongoto twice.

Watch the video below:





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