Mzbel Thoroughly Disgraces Afia Schwarzenegger as they Clash on Live Radio – Video Pops Up

Afia Schwarzenegger’s unending bitterness against Mzbel is easily explainable now after a video of Mzbel humiliating her on live radio surfaced.

Afia was trying to beg Mzbel for a comeback but the singer was not interested and kicked her idea to the curb.

Schwarzenegger was humiliated and is now so pained she claims she would jubilate the day Mzbel dies.

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It all happened on Okay Fm, on Abeiku Santana’s show.

Abeiku is always at the centre of controversy in Ghana, as he was recently when Afia Schwarzenegger insulted Coded live on air.

He was interviewing Afia Schwarzenegger who seemed determined to bury the hatchet with Mzbel.

Schwarzenegger claimed that Mzbel had been called by God to be a prophetess but she’s refusing.

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She added that she’s forgiven Mzbel in the spirit of peace and hopes Mzbel forgives her all her sins as well.

Abeiku called Mzbel to get her take on Afia’s apology but loudmouth Afia opened her mouth to talk immediately Mzbel picked up the call.

She hung up immediately, which is understandable since she just heard Afia’s voice without knowing whatever they had been talking about in the studio.

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That humiliation never left Afia and she’s remained bitter till date.

Watch the moment Mzbel humiliated Afia Schwarzenegger below…


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