My teacher doesn’t know how to do the ‘thing’ properly- JHS student opens up on steamy affair with her teacher- Watch

A shocking video of a teenage schoolgirl revealing her steamy affair with her teacher has become topical on social media.

The girl passionately revealed her ʂɛҳųąƖ encounter with the unnamed teacher and says when it comes to their ‘bedmatics’ she assumes the role of a teacher as the man is deficient in all aspects.

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The video was captured by a group of men who were excited about all that she was saying, including the cunnilingus section of their wild adventure which has gone undetected all this while until she herself spilled the beans.

It’s really shocking that a girl of her age is well versed in ʂɛҳųąƖ activities depicted in all the things she said.

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Watch the video below;


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