‘My guy takes so long to climax that he loses his erection’

DEAR ZZINA POWER: It takes my boyfriend so long to climax, more often than not he gives up, loses his erection then finishes himself off.

I am 25 and he’s 26. Once or twice he has managed to climax within ten minutes and finish but that’s rare.

We first dated years ago, for a few months.

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He took ages to climax back then too and we were only in our teens.

Recently we started dating again and we are getting on really well apart from this one sexual issue.

ZZINA POWER SAYS: It might be that the problem is more psychological than physical in that he can’t let go enough to climax with you.

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Talk over your worries with him. My e-leaflet Helping Your Man To Climax has more advice.

Check he isn’t regularly using pornography, as that can have a numbing effect on real-life sex. But at least the answer to that is easy: Stop viewing it.

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