My girlfriend wants me to reject Christmas clothes her best friend bought for me

My girlfriend wants me to reject Christmas clothes her best friend bought for me. Lazy Youth, as he identifies himself on Twitter with the handle, @alinwakingsley, the man took to his page to make the revelation before vowing never to reject the gift.

A young man’s disclosure that his girlfriend asked him to reject Christmas clothes from her best friend has sparked numerous reactions.

An interesting photo he shared on the social media platform shows his girlfriend seated on a sofa inside a room while her best friend helped him wear the clothes.

According to Lazy Youth, his lover was signalling him to reject the “Christmas clothes”. The lady is seen in the photo holding one leg of her boyfriend’s trousers in an attempt to get his attention while her friend was attentively helping to put the clothes on him.

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“My girlfriend’s best friend bought Christmas clothes for me. While she’s helping me dress, my babe is giving me a sign to reject the clothes. If I reject am make I die,” Lazy Youth revealed on his Twitter page.

From his tweet, it appears that he understood the message his lover was communicating to him, but he chose to ignore her because he was bent on accepting the gift.

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Most Twitter users have condemned Lazy Youth for accepting the gift from his girlfriend’s best friend, saying it was unfair and disrespectful to the lady.

Meanwhile, some people say his revelation appears too bizarre to be true, especially the fact that the benefactor herself had to help him wear the clothes in the presence of his girlfriend.

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