My girlfriend complains about my bonk skills and that i don’t satisfy her ….I’m worried I’ll lose her

My girlfriend complains about my bonk skills and that i don’t satisfy her ….I’m worried I’ll lose her  || DEAR ZZINA POWER: I’VE never had any problems getting babes into bed and have had at least 50 bonk partners.

Not one of them ever complained. In fact, from the demands for more, I always felt confident I was pretty good in bed too.

But I’ve met someone who, after six months together, has started to complain about my performance.

I’m devastated. I’d only ever had one-night stands and short flings before. But this babe, the one I actually like, doesn’t climax when we have thorough romps.

I’ve always been a Jack-the-lad type. I’m 23, people say I’m a good-looking guy and I make sure I’m physically fit.

We met through my work. I’m a carpet fitter and was fitting the flooring for her five-year-old daughter’s bedroom. She is absolutely gorgeous and I had to keep reminding myself to be professional.

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She hung around chatting while I fitted the carpet and I learned she was 24, a single mum and had been single for two years. We got along so well and, because she was talking about her lack of social life, I invited her out for a drink.

The date was fantastic and, for the first time ever, I felt I could have a future with someone. We went out again the following night and that was it — our relationship seemed really secure.

We’ve been together for just over a year and, when the virus started, she asked me to move in. As I lived with my parents, I jumped at the chance. Everything has been amazing, and she is the best girlfriend.

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The feeling is mutual, but she is concerned we might not be sexually compatible. We have bonk sessions at least once a day, but she says she’s never been able to reach the finish line. She says she’s never had a problem before.

I’m worried that, if things don’t improve, I’ll lose the best thing that ever happened to me.

ZZINA POWER SAYSMost women won’t climax through intercourse alone and, while a one-night stand might feel good for you, for most women it’s less fulfilling.

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Only one in three women reach their first orgasm through intercourse and a lot of women don’t start climaxing until they’re settled into a comfortable relationship.

A good bonk life is all about comm-unication. She may have had considerate lovers who knew what made her feel good – so if you don’t know, ask.

In my next article, i will explain how to hit the right spots.



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