Murdered after getting caught bedding in-law

Murdered after getting caught bedding in-law || Sleeping with another man’s wife cost the life of a Hwedza man after he was caught between the sheets in Pindura Village under Chief Svosve last week.

Nicholas Chigwededza (36) was reportedly bedding Rudo Chikururwe (18) several days before they were caught at it by the husband Calvin Chipangura in a hut.

National Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident while also appealing for information about the whereabouts of Chipangura, who is suspected to have fled the scene after the murder, reports.

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“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is investigating a murder case involving a man alleged to have murdered a fellow villager over adultery allegations in Pindura village under chief Svosve in Hwedza,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

“It is stated that on the 29th of September 2020 at around 1100hrs, Nicholas Chigwededza left his home proceeding to the home of a neighbour to share beer.

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“At the homestead was the neighbour’s 18-year-old daughter-in-law believed to have been dating Chigwededza.

“At around 190hrs Chigwededza left, reportedly to go home and was escorted by his neighbour.

“At around 1940hrs Chigwededza allegedly returned to his neighbour’s homestead where he stealthily entered the daughter-in-law’s hut.

“While Chagwededza was in the hut with the alleged girlfriend, Chipangura arrived from Sadza Growth Point where he had gone for a piece job.

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“The accused reportedly banged open the door in which the two were allegedly sleeping and found Chigwededza in bed with his wife.

“The accused reportedly locked them inside and called his father to witness what he had seen.

“When the suspect and his father went back to the hut, he opened the kitchen door and Chigwedeza allegedly bolted out of the room.

“The suspect gave chase and caught him in a nearby field and allegedly assaulted him on the head with a wooden log and left him lying unconsciously on the ground.

“The suspect returned with the intention to assault his wife but was disarmed. He then ran away.

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“Chigwededza was taken to his home where he was pronounced dead.” Said Ass Comm Nyathi.

One of the villagers said Chagwededza and Chipangura were related.

“In short, this is an incestuous case and traditional leaders attended the burial with a view to take action according to custom,” said the villager.

“The marriage was 8-months old and this shocked the villagers considering  that Chipangura’s sister is married to Chigwededza’s brother.

“This relationship delayed Chigwededza’s burial as elders met to demand some beasts according to custom,” said the villager.

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