Here Are 10 Most Profitable Businesses For You This Election Period

Most Profitable Businesses For You This Election Period || If you are planning to start a business this election period, we have a list of 10 most profitable businesses for you. Pick one and your life will never be the same again.

Most Profitable Businesses For You This Election Period

1 :  Sound systems

Sound systems are  ideal this time as politicians demand for the same to make noise. This business is hot cake, I tell you.

2 : Tents and plastic chairs business

Simply buy tents and plastic chairs, which you will make available to politicians in return for money.

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3 : Car hire business

Politicians have hired most of the cars from the known car hire companies, leading in scarcity of this important earthly possession. If you have cash which you want to dedicate into business, car hire business is the best at this time of elections.

4 : Printing  and Photocopy Business

A printer is what needed to print campaign posters.This printer is available in across the country  or you can import it from Dubai or China.

Imagine in most towns, politicians travel all the way to Nairobi to print campaign poster, something you can do if you purchase this particular printer.

5 : Selling Bottled water

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Just look for a truck which you’ll stock water and move around selling to people attending political rallies. I will tell you, if you manage to go to Kumasi Bantama,Accra Trade Fair or Ho during rallies, you will rake in millions.

6 : Hotel business

There is a lot of money in circulation this time and as you know, people who receive this money think of their stomach fast before they think of investing it.Hotel business is ideal when there is a lot of money in circulation.

7 : Pubs

Alcohol at this time is selling like nobody’s business. This is among the most ideal businesses to start during this campaign period.

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8 : Campaign trucks





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