Kapa Cat- Mom asked me not to lose my virginity but I lost it 6 years ago

Kapa Cat

About a year ago, singer Catherine Tumusiime a.k.a Kapa Cat’s mother pleaded with her not to lose her virginity too quickly because she had just joined the entertainment industry.

Her plea seems to have fallen on deaf ears or arrived very late after the singer had already contracted the open leg syndrome.

Kapa Cat
Catherine Tumusiime



Taking to her Twitter account on Tuesday 14th, the Kapa Ojimanyi singer hit her lovely mom with heartbreaking information of how she lost her virginity six-years-ago.

My mom asked me not to lose my virginity yet. That was a year ago! I lost it 6 years ago.

Kapa Cat

Since she has let the cat out of the bag and she is no longer living in pretense, let’s hope her mom will forgive her for not heeding to her advice.

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  1. Let dincat fly over cos mum asked wen we had mated many cocks fi da dis kapa tell Dem gud Lord my country people

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