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Model Doreen Kabareebe discusses Frank Gashumba’s bedroom

Socialite and Model Doreen Kabareebe has praised media critic Frank Gashumba for living a responsible life as a single adult. She said his bedsheets are too clean for a woman to wet.

In an interview with a local Radio, Kabareebe explained that Gashumba is her friend and she has engaged him more than anyone else in matters of the heart.

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Doreen Kabareebe pokes Frank Gashumba
Doreen Kabareebe pokes Frank Gashumba


“I have interacted with Gashumba before, he is a good person and I am very sure his bed sheets are white and clean. As a woman you can’t just wet them, you have to think before you do,” she said.

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The model says Gashumba's bed sheets are snow white
The model says Gashumba’s bed sheets are snow white

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She added that most of the men in Kampala should embrace the life of Gashumba. He is not broke, not married but he is still healthy and lives a good life.


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