Mob Justice: Thief Beaten To Death After Getting Caught Red-Handed Stealing Beans

An angry mob allegedly decided to issue instant justice and handle the matter for themselves without notifying the police after they caught a thief stealing.

The yet-to-be-identified thief was allegedly caught red-handed stealing beans at Eden Farm in Beatrice.

The thief was busted in the act by six suspects who decided to mercilessly discipline him before they left him to die.

The  Zimbabwe Republic Police confirmed the development on their official Twitter handle.

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According to the police report, on the 29th of March, at around 8 pm, six suspects saw a thief stealing beans and tied him with shoelaces before they took turns to batter him with a leather belt.

The suspects also booted him several times all over the body until he was unconscious. After thoroughly beating the thief the six suspects left the victim on the crime scene still tied up. He eventually died due to the injuries he sustained.

The yet-to-be-identified assailants are still at large as they fled the scene after attacking him.

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The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) advised members of the community to avoid taking laws into their hands but should rather opt for proper justice channels to present their grievances.  The ZRP also advised the public to report all criminal cases at the nearest Police station and not confer instant justice.

There has been a surge in mob justice deaths as angry people take the law into their own hands over various incidents of theft. Recently, a man from Chitungwiza was struck to death with iron bars by an angry mob after he was caught stealing maize cobs from a field at Savanhu Village, Seke.

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