MISS SA 2020- Meet Natasha Joubert

Natasha Joubert (22), from Centurion, Tshwane, Gauteng is a Public Relations Officer at RFJ Inc. Attorneys and founder and owner of Natalia Jefferys (Pty) Ltd.

Natasha Joubert has a B.Com Marketing Management Graduate from Boston City Campus.

She says she was a tomboy as a little girl and would much rather play outside with boys and was the only girl in her karate class.


She describes herself as unwavering, compassionate and ambitious and says her guilty pleasure is salted caramel Häagen-Dazs ice cream. She says: “What a humbling experience thus far. I truly feel honoured to be amongst one of the Top 15 semi-finalists. 

In this amount of time I have experienced self-growth, vulnerability and stepping outside of my comfort zone. Miss South Africa is now, more than ever, a platform to empower women and it’s something I’ve experienced first-hand. 

Natasha Joubert
Natasha Joubert

I have learnt how to use my voice to add value, to lead by example and will continue my efforts to do so in every opportunity that comes my way.” Photographer & edits: Willem Botha (@willembotha )
Hair & make-up: Dyllan Morais (@artistry_by_dyllan )

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