Met My Girlfried S*cking My Friend When I Came Home To Get Money To Buy Them Food – Boy Shares Story

It’s a very sad and painful incident as another boy’s heart has been broken.

Given the fact that the boy narrating his tale was miserable, he mustered the courage to say it all the way to the end.

He said that he invited his girlfriend to pay him a visit, which she did. Upon her arrival around 8 p.m He wanted to go get her some food to calm her down and give a her good welcome.

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He said that while on his way, he thought of his friend and himself, and that they would both eat, so he returned home to get some money after calling both his girlfriend and friend without receiving any response from both.

To his surprise, he saw his girlfriend giving a bee-Jay to a friend who he is assisting by accommodating him in his house. He quietly closed the door without them noticing he had come around.

After returning with the food, he said he quietly closed the door and pretended nothing had happened. He simply asked her to leave because he needed to travel that very night.You could feel the pain and hurt in the guy’s voice throughout the narration.

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video below;

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