WHY YOU SHOULD NOT GIVE MONEY TO WOMEN || First of all, you are under no obligation whatsoever. That woman is not your daughter or your wife or your mother.

Secondly, at a young age you just starting out in life. YOU HAVE NOTHING, NOTHING.
Even that car you drive is nothing. You need to start looking at serious investments. Instead of investing in meaningless relationships, you should focus on things like property, improving your education (even if you have a degree, push it to masters) and helping your siblings achieve independence and not in women and stupid weekend entertainment
Of course all the ladies especially those who get shagged often and frequently by their boyfriends must be pissed at what saying but am just getting started…
If she wants to charge for the use of her pu**y she can queue up with all the other vendors at sex outlets in different parts of the world. It’s called “Love and Romance” not “Pick n Pay Me for Using My Pu**y”….
A man has an obligation of course to look after his woman but the nitty gritty is when she ascend to the status say of maybe fiancée or it’s a serious long term relationship. Not just any Jim and Jack. When will you invest? Sometimes sit back and try to count how much you have spent on relationships that have gone no where.
I know the women must be saying “So where do you want me to get money to look nice? You want a nice looking girl yet you not ready to maintain her. What about talk time and my bundles to chat with you on whatsapp and the likes?”…
That is why every lady should work hard and be independent. So should she get banged in order to look nice?
That is why Christianity reserves certain things for marriage including sex.
I’ve discovered two things that crush the dreams of many young men, WINE AND WOMEN…We will discuss alcohol in later articles but this one is solely focused on women… that’s why I would advise you not to date broke women. Maybe we can settle for broke, I mean struggling to push herself somewhere, trying everything possible she can to be someone that one you can even help because she has a vision and dreams, not parasites.
If women can choose men to associate with, so too should you brothers. Let’s have class, not just because she has a huge earthquake moving a** and a set of nice pointed b**bs. A woman should also meet standards. She should be focused and determined and intent on being as independent as she can be. Any woman looking forward to just being a house wife in this day and age has serious psychological and mental problems.
Ladies if you want a man to abuse you, to reduce you to a maid, to come home at 3 in the morning make a mistake to just be his maid and whore, just cooking and washing and sleeping with him and not assisting him in anyway apart from his sexual desires and hungry needs, my friend will suffer.
Gentlemen, Love and romance should be stress reliever not a stress multiplier.
Every man feels good when he dresses up a woman. But that should be voluntary, not under duress and gunpoint…Your spending on a woman should be a privilege after seeing something in her and NOT A HUMAN RIGHT as some confused chaps think. Once you are sure this is a long term and steady relationship, let the wallet open and let it rain. Otherwise you will just land yourself in unnecessary financial burdens and with no project whatsoever attached to your name.
No wonder sugar daddies and blessers are everywhere for me the distinction between that kind of behavior and prostitution is minimal. A relationship is a fifty-fifty thing. We work together to improve our lives. It is not a way of using your vagina as a welfare and status enhancer.
By the way only anyone who has helped me to make money can call me hubby. Everyone else is a beggar wanting a share. I speak for many young men when I say that we come from humble families. Man right now your family needs you terribly. You know how tight things are at home. Your siblings need fees at school, mom needs help with medical bills, your dad is retried and rationing his tiny pension.
Instead of spending on a woman go help your parents at home. Thank you!!!


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