Meet The Woman Chewing Pastor Yiga’s Big P*nis (PHOTOS)

Meet Camila, a Woman Chewing Pastor Jengo Yiga’s Big Cassava (PHOTOS )|| Reports allege that Revival Church Pastor Andrew Jengo is B0nking with one of his employees after pictures leaked on social media where he was feeding Camila Noorjan a piece of cake as he was celebrating his birthday.

Late Pastor Yiga’s son Andrew Jengo turned 23 yesterday.

Now a senior pastor at Kawaala based church and C.E.O of all late father’s properties was treated to a surprising birthday organised by ABS Television employees. However, many of them didn’t know the hidden science behind the party until photos surfaced on the internet and netizens identified something romantic going out of Jengo and Camila Noorjan’s hands leaving social media in-laws tongue wagging.

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“Thanks for you prayers, it was fantastic, you have now grown up best friend,” Camila Noorjan captioned the viral pictures.

However, Boom Gossip has leant that Jengo is not just a best friend to Camila but also an alleged sumbie chewer.

Many people have warned Pastor Jengo to be careful with hungry old women in his church who are targeting his money.

In the video, women older than him are seen and heard complimenting him and fighting to be near him.

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“Nkugambye Buli omu amwepikira naye katonda amusembeze Wala emiyayu,” one Facebook user identifying herself as Shakir Hussein said.

“The way old women are yearning for him ” Brivian Sparks also laughed at the women.

Boom Gossip also learnt that Camila is married to another man identified as Chris Jones Buwembo who is also contesting for Luwero Town council mayoral seat under National Unity Platform-NUP ticket although Boom Gossip we don’t confirm this allegation since she last posted about their relationship in early 2019.

See photos below;

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Here Is what Fans say;

 Woman Chewing Pastor Jengo Yiga’s Big Cassava
Woman Chewing Pastor Jengo Yiga’s Big Cassava


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