Meet the then housewife who was dumped via WhatsApp call

Radio personality Kamene Goro has recently opened up about a time of her life which many people hardly knew about.

Speaking during an interview with Churchill’s finest Mc Jessy on his Youtube show dubbed Jesse Junction, Kamene revealed that she was once married to a Tanzanian tycoon and lived as a housewife.

She got into a relationship with her ex-husband while she was in Campus at the University of Nairobi.

The two dated for three years before finally deciding to tie the knot right after Kamene Goro graduated university.

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Kamene was very young by then being only 23, but she said that she was mature enough to make the decision to settle down.

Kamene reported that she gave up her career on journalism career just as it was at its peak to go live with her new husband in Tanzania.

In Tanzania, Kamene Goro spent her time as a housewife where she would ensure her husband is well taken care of.

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She revealed that she would iron his clothes every morning and prepare his meals as respectful Tanzanian wives do.

However, Kamene’s life in Tanzania was shortlived as her husband soon ended things for her.

Kamene disclosed that she went through one of her worst moments in life when her husband one day left for work, only to call her and tell her that their marriage was over.

According to Kamene, her ex-husband did not give any logical explanation as to why he was ending things and that he just said that they could not continue with their relationship any longer.

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This heartbreak forced Kamene to jet back into the country where she picked up her radio career and has since established herself as a trusted brand in the media industry.

The Kiss FM radio presenter told Mc Jesse that she is currently single and waiting for the right man.

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