Meet the overnight celebrity Amaikoko who danced n@ked on Stunner’s IG live: Pics

Meet the overnight celebrity Amaikoko who danced n@ked on Stunner’s IG live: Pics. She has officially become the trending woman in Zimbabwe for this past week. Amaikoko the woman who raised eyebrows after dancing and twerking completely n@aked on rapper Stunner’s Instagram Live videos.

The rapper always hosts late-night Instagram Live videos where he gets to talk big staff things and also some funny dancing competitions in which men and women show off their dancing skills just for fun. This is where Amaikoko danced b#tt n@ked, hence the popularity she has now.

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But who is Amaikoko? What does she do for a living? If you have all these and other questions then you are the right person for this article. Let’s get to know Amaikoko in pictures.

AmaiKoko FB

Well, from as far as we know Maikoko is a fashionista based in the country but travels a lot around the globe. Mainly in the United States of America. She is quite popular in the fashion circles in Zimbabwe.


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She is also a mother of two beautiful children. The names we don’t have them yet.

Amaikoko and her babies

She is much of a show offer too. In most of her pictures, she is always revealing some flesh and her assets. Check the picture below

amaikoko assets

This was her first 2020 picture.

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