Meet Paul Zuluka, a Ugandan Man who has become a billionaire by chewing married women

Here’s the story of Paul Zuluka, a Ugandan based in South Africa who works as a male prostitute and loves every part of it. He chews married women and they give him money, he has now become a billionaire from his daily job.

In an interview with a local paper, The Daily Sun, Paul says; “This is the best idea I’ve ever had. I love (sleeping with women) and am great at it, so I enjoy every moment. I get money for doing something I love.

Charging R400 for each round and an approximate of R2000 for being hired for 24 hours, Paul says, “I help women keep their relationships going and reduce their stress.”

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Paul Zuluka came to South Africa in search of employment, but couldn’t find anything. After trying for months, on September 2015 he decided to pursue this profession. The work, he says, is steady and satisfying. There are days when the number of bookings is so so high that it gets difficult for him to handle. He even adds that there have been times when his clients have wanted him to stay longer than the initial booking.

There have also been cases where women have gotten attached to him. He maintains that this is just working for him, nothing more.

But Zuluka’s demand is not limited to just women. He says a lot of men have approached him as well. “I also get calls from men who offer me a lot of money, but I’m a man and am only available to women.”

Zuluka’s clients have great things to say for him. One woman, whose partner is unable to satisfy her, said, “I love my boyfriend and don’t want to lose him. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Another said, “No boyfriend, no stress. I have Paul to satisfy me. I’m a businesswoman. Paul’s the best in the game.”

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