Meet Musiimenta Bridget, first-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Gender and Applied Women Health

Musiimenta Bridget is a first-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Gender and Applied Women Health at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST).    Bridget is the second born out of six children coming from the land of Kigezi.

She went to Bweranyangi Girls School and St Agnes Girls Secondary School Bushenyi  respectively. For all the years she spent in high school she was a leader where she served in various positions like Speaker at St Agnes Girls SS Bushenyi. She continued to maintain her trend by becoming MUST’s 30th Lady Fresher, where she grabbed an opportunity of joining the Guild Counsel directly to represent her fellow freshers.

Musiimenta Bridget
Musiimenta Bridget

Besides leadership, Bridget loves singing, composing stories, and poetry as her best one. She participated in various poetry competitions like western  poetry competition in 2017 where she won .

Her best achievement is when she composed a poem entitled ‘’A UGANDAN’S CONCERN ON HER ENVIRONMENT’’ which she presented before President Museveni during Uganda’s Independence celebrations that took place in Bushenyi District.

Bridget has been inspired by empowered women like the speaker of the parliament of Uganda Rt Hon Rebecca Kadagga and she hopes that one day she will be like her so that she can become voice of the women in Uganda and Africa at large.

She advises her fellow girls to hold onto their dreams, maintain confidence and struggle for their rights.


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