Meet Klara Kalu Ifedioku : The gorgeous Nigerian lady whose natural beauty is winning hearts online (Photos)

Nigerian netizens stumbled on some of the stunning photos of the beauty that is Klara Kalu (Ifedioku) on Instagram and have made her go viral on social media.

For Ifedioku, there seems to be not much effort put into looking as good as she does when she poses for the camera. For someone who uses less makeup, almost no jewelry to accessorize and still be able to pull off rather gorgeous looks, she’s picked the interest of a lot of people who are craving to know the secret to her good looks.

Ifedioku’s Instagram page is blessed with delectable photos of herself, most of which feature her without makeup or jewelries, just her natural beautiful face and lovely dreadlocks.

Seeing how stunning she looks makeup free and with a banging body is what has lots of social media users trooping to her page, gaining her over 50k followers and garnering tens of thousands of likes on most photos she posts.

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Her stunning makeup free self has picked our interest too and as such, we’re sharing some of our favourite makeup free photos of the lovely, all courtesy of her IG page, instagram.com/ifedioku

Checkout more of her photos below,

All photos shared are courtesy of Ifedioku’s IG page, instagram.com/ifedioku

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