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Vida Mwale was born in Kasama and did her pre-school there she and her family then moved to Ndola when she was 5. She lived in Tug Argan Barracks (Her father was an Army officer) where she started first grade till 5th. Her family then moved to Lusaka and she continued her primary school at Makeni school, then Alfa primary school.


She did her junior high from Arakan high school, then in 10th grade, she was sent to Mukamambo girls school where she spent two terms (boarding school wasn’t Her thing). She then returned home and continued from Lusaka high school, where she completed her grade 12.


Well, Vida has been with Diamond TV right from the start. She heard about auditions at the new TV station in September 2016, and she went ahead to audition. Diamond TV then launched officially in March 2017.


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When asked about how she spends her free time, Vida says she mostly spends her free time with close friends as she really values friendship and she has quite a good circle.Vida Mwale3

When asked whether there was any other skill or talent she possess other than TV presentation, Vida Replied: “Though I’m now mostly known for TV presenting, I’ve been in the film industry longer, acting is a passion of mine and it’s pretty much what I did most before I went to college and studied journalism (She Studied Journalism at ZamCom).”

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If being a media personality didn’t work for Vida, She clearly believes that she would have been full time in film, either in front of the screen or in the background, but mostly in front of it because she have different versions of Herself, and being someone else in a script and playing around with her emotions is so liberating to her.
Her Light Moment:

Vida Mwale2

😂eish so at a certain stage in my life I used to sing and rap(Roberto and Nezlong shouldn’t see this, they’ve been threatening to expose me)😂, but no that’s so not my thing, I know now. We shall stick to presenting and acting”.
Her Encouragement to the Youths :

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” To everyone reading this, remember to always do your best at whatever you feel you’d like to take up as a career, be consistent, be persistent and don’t let other’s negativity bring you down, you owe yourself to fight for your heart’s desires”.

Vida Mwale
Vida Mwale



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