Meet Alicia Nassolo: One Of Uganda’s Most Bold Models

Alicia Nassolo is one of Uganda’s most bold and versatile models of her generation. Lets show you how the self-proclaimed Runway Queen is so unique.


Since her rise to the fashion and modeling scene in 2012, Alicia Nassolo has never been an average model. She came into an industry where some models tried to segregate her for being “curved”. There is no doubt, Alicia’s curves are slightly ‘un modellike”, and that’s why she is different.

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Anyway, she made it on the runway and she actually took off. Not as an average model, she is in her own category.

Alicia Nassolo at a photo shoot showing a swimsuit in 2019

According to her memories, she debuted the runway at Stilleto Party for Tracy Borah. The function was at the Kampala road based Club Rouge. Since then, our girl has made headlines locally and around the region.

Nassolo has walked for local, regional and international designers and fashion houses. Her sincere love and passion for the industry has enabled her to stay ahead of her game.

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In the Ugandan modeling industry where models are complaining of gross unprofessionalism from agencies and representatives, Alicia Nassolo is one of those people whore want to change the industry by ‘being in the industry’.

Alicia Nassolo walking for Bery Qoture at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2018. Photo by Inspire Filmz
Alicia Nassolo walking for Bery Qoture at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2018. Photo by Inspire Filmz

In an interview with a local tabloid back in 2015, she was asked how she viewed the Ugandan fashion industry. Her answer was;

The modeling industry is messed up. Many people think that models, especially us the young ones, are just using modeling as a cover to get pimped to rich men. There is also a lot of discrimination and in the industry. We are also underpaid and overworked. You have to work everyday to be able to pay bills. I love modeling and am not going to quit despite all the challenges. I am going to change the industry and am gonna do it when am in the industry.

Alicia Nassolo

Alicia Nassolo in a bikini in 2019
Alicia Nassolo in a bikini in 2019

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