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Meet African born inventor of driverless car rocking Europe || A Zimbabwean born British inventor, Pasihapaori Chidziva, mostly known as Pasi William Sachiti, is the brain behind Kar-Go which is an autonomous delivery vehicle. He is the CEO and founder of the Academy of Robotics, the company that manufactures Kar-Go. When you buy something, the car will deliver it to you, and then eventually to your neighbor and so on.

Kar-Go uses autonomous (driverless) vehicle technology. Inside the vehicle there is a package swapping mechanism. It is actually a logistics system on wheels. As it drives, it delivers packages autonomously around such that when it gets to your house, you only get your delivery.
The great thing about Kar-Go is that your package does not necessarily have to be delivered to your house, if for any reason you have to leave your house. Thanks to an app, you can see on a screen where the Kar-Go that has your package is.
You can then reschedule the delivery time to make sure you get your delivery when you get back home or even to another location. You can also choose another delivery day. Recipients will then use the app to open the hatch to release their specific package.

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This what makes Kar-Go the first roadworthy, autonomous, electric ‘last mile’ delivery vehicle to be launched in Europe. The car’s artificial intelligence was also tested using Zimbabwean road. It can cover about 200 km at about 100 km/h before being recharged.

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