Meet 5 Sexiest Ladies Who Represent Nigeria On Instagram… No 3 Can Make You Sell Your Dad`s Plot

These are ladies who truly represent Nigerians on Instagram. Its not known yet whether we have such ladies here in Malawi who also make us proud out there through Instagram.

They share pictures on there, they get massive amounts of likes. In Fact, it is fair to say, they are mini celebs.

These ladies are drop down gorgeous and number 3 is my favourite to be honest. Beautiful face, beautiful body with a well proportionate waist and butt to go by with.

1 Amaka Owoh

If any man in the world can overcome this hot girl`s temptation then he is really a man enough.

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What would you do if it happens that you walk into your room and wifey is not around, and you see this lady lying on your bed???

2 Obianuju Charles

  OMG!! What another hell of a temptation.

Shes called Obianuju Charles. Lord blessed her with too much potentials, bodyfically and her curvaceous body which got me thinking how many days it took for our creator to finish with that thing. I Cant stop thinking  but am sure it was one hell of a work on that body.  Thumbs up!!

3 Caroline Demola

Somebody call the cops please!! No wonder Nigerian musicians like Wiz Kid, Davido and others do not seize coming up with songs that always goes with the same type of concept. You hear them singing, babe your this, babe your that. Now i get what they imply of.

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4 Tolulepe Godwin

Tolu and her hot legs tho….She’s bad like that!!!

If you are driving and you see a girl like Tolu, better don’t look cause even the Bible warned you not to “cause”, because when you do there is DANGER!!!

5 Amanda Kunle

Wahala dey! P-Square said it…Yes they did! This was the main source of inspiration to that song DANGER which they don’t want us to know but its nice we just found out for ourselves.

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One last temptation guys, If Amanda is a friend to Bae and somehow on your behalf bae told her how good you are in doing the real men job, and in Bae’s absence she comes to chop from your Banana…What will you do???

These five ladies are real blessed and bodifically endowed women and you know this!  If you think they are not beautiful and endowed enough, please make your reasons known, but for me, i rest my case.

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