Medical Doctor intern killer sent naked pictures to girlfriend’s father

Medical Doctor intern killer sent naked pictures to girlfriend’s father || The man who killed a medical doctor intern at a Limpopo hospital has pleaded guilty to her murder.

Nthiyiso Shilumani, 26, appeared in the Limpopo High Court yesterday where he pleaded guilty for the robbery and murder of Shongile Nkwashu, 24, who was an intern at Mankweng Hospital.

Shilumani confessed that he killed Nkwashu, but claimed it was unintentional.

In a sworn statement, Shilumani through his lawyer told the court that on the night of January 17, he had a heated argument with Nkwashu after he confronted her about her father meddling in their relationship.

Shongie Nkwashu
LATE Shongie Nkwashu

“We ended up fighting and I gripped her head under my arm. She bit my finger, but I didn’t let go; when I called her name several times she didn’t respond and I realised she was dead,” he said.

Shilumani said that out of fear, he wrapped her body in a sheet.

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He said he later left for Polokwane where he slept outside a restaurant.

Medical intern killer sent naked pictures to girlfriend’s father.

“I then went to Polokwane police station to report what I did to Shongile, but I left without reporting because police were taking time helping others.

“I eventually left to [go to] Giyani where I was arrested the next day,” he said.

Nkwashu’s father Kenneth Nkwashu told the court he knew about his daughter’s relationship with Shilumani.

“I didn’t approve of their relationship because I wanted my daughter to continue with her studies but I finally accepted. In 2017, my daughter told my wife that she was pregnant and was not happy because she was fighting with Shilumani and wanted to abort.

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“But I told her not to abort and that we will support her throughout,” he said.

He said his daughter was subjected to abuse and Shilumani would send Nkwashu’s n_ked photos to him.

“Shilumani will send these n_de pictures throughout the night as he was fighting with my daughter. I couldn’t sleep and called one businessman related to Shilumani for help, but he said he can’t get involved.”

The father said he became frightened by Shilumani ‘s growing threats, including following him around even when he went to church. The matter was postponed to today for further hearing.-

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Nthiyiso Shilumani
Nthiyiso Shilumani || Late Shongie Nkwashu || Medical Doctor intern killer sent naked pictures to girlfriend’s father



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