MC Kats Reportedly Chewing Spark TV’s Caroline Marcah’s Juicy Sumbie

News coming through from our snoops at Naguru based Next Media, NBS Television allege how their presenter, city club MC Kats is now dating and chewing Spark TV presenter Caroline Marcah aka Mummy E.

According to NBS TV’s Zahara Totto and Isaac Kaiyz Kawalya, appearing on Uncut Gossip Show with Nina Roz as the special guest for the evening, they revealed that Caroline Marcah is now chewing MC Kats.

“Have you people seen MC Kats’ new WhatsApp Profile Picture? He has put Caroline Marcah, these two are taking things seriously”- Kayz stated.

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“I can confirm to you guys that very soon NBS will be marrying NTV because this love is so much, MC Kats has now moved on from Fille”- Zahara Totto affirmed.

However, neither MC Kats not Carol have come out to confirm or most so, trash these allegations leaving their fans in confusion.

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