MASSAGE TURNS WOMEN ON || BY the time you’re done reading this article, there’s a huge possibility that you’ll dash off to give a certain she a hand. And I’m not referring to the hand that acts as a GPS during sex, although the same skill applies here, but to the ability to massage or rub her muscles to relax that beautiful tense body.

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Massage and sex therapists say women often experience an orgasm during a good body massage.

Sex therapist Dr Megan Fleming explains how our bodies are sexually triggered during a rub-down. “During a massage, virtually all conditions are in place for arousal.

The body and nervous system have what we call tipping points, trigger points for the inevitability of orgasm. For a number of individuals, there are specific parts of the spine and lower back muscles, that when they get stimulated, there’s a release of energy as well as blood flow to the small intestines, the bladder and all of the sexual organs.”

Sex therapists say constant massages are a beautiful yet sensual gesture to your female partner, and over 80% of women will never say no to having a massage. So, if you want to push the right buttons, learn the art of massage.


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