Married Man in serious trouble after condom burst while chewing yellow bone prostitute in bed-Watch

there was a drama on Hero’s Day when a married man confronted a woman in love about an explosive condition.

Stanley Mutema’s neighbours at The Shelter Court, where he lives, witnessed the free drama when prostitute Elizabeth Mutetab dragged him away and asked for money. Mutema had to persuade Mutetwa to go to a nearby bar along Fife Avenue to solve his problems.

Mutetwa claimed to have covered $ 43 worth of medical expenses after an outbreak of illness during her lovemaking session with Mutema sometime in July this year. Mutema said he paid for the services provided, but she now extorted money from him when she had no money.

“I met this lady overnight and, like any other man, brought her to my apartment to please me,” Mutema said. “During the conversation, we discovered that we both come from the same rural area, but I paid for the services provided. “The state indeed broke out during the live session. I still haven’t seen my doctor after the incident.

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“She asked for money for the treatment and I gave her $ 10 that day and then she came to ask for more and said she paid $ 43.

“I gave her another $ 20 and she took one of my blankets to his apartment and he returned it the next day and I gave him the balance, but today he came and asked for a total of US $ 43. ” These Lady blackmailed me by taking advantage of the fact that she knows where I stay and that I am married.

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“A friend of mine wanted to give her $ 20, but I stopped him because she came to see me every time she didn’t get any money.”He made noise on the floor to get people’s attention,” Mutema said. Mutetwa told HMetro that Mutema was paying for the lovemaking and medical treatment.

“Akanditora ndikamuitira zvaasina Kuwana kumudzimai awakens nekuti anogara Bulawayo,” said Mutetwa.


“I’ve been making love and being health conscious for more than 20 years, but Mutema put my health at risk after the outbreak of the disease.

“My children survive thanks to my busy body, so Mutema shouldn’t play hide and seek with me if he knows the exact amount he has paid me.

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“You have to pay for the intimacy session along with the medical expenses I paid.

“He blocked my phone number, so I made noise in his apartment for avoiding me.“



If you don’t pay me today, I’ll take this to the police because it risks my life. “You shouldn’t try to be smart by alleging blackmail;

He wanted to take me as his lover because we are from the same city.

“Zvekumusha into ndezvekumusha; Kuno Ku Harare tinnitus zvebasa Saka ngaandipe Mari yang ”, said Mutetwa.


Stanley Mutema




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