Man wrongfully convicted of defiling daughter walks to freedom – VIDEO

Man wrongfully convicted of defiling daughter walks to freedom – VIDEO || Emotions ran high outside Kamiti Maximum Prison on Thursday after a man convicted of defiling his daughter and later jailed for life was released after further investigations indicated he was innocent.

A jubilant Julius Wambua hugged his daughter Dorcas Mwende outside the country’s top correctional facility where he’s been incarcerated for the past nine years.

“Today is like my resurrection day or my birthday. I will always consider it the first day of my life because of the things I have gone through since I came here on January 24, 2012,” he explained.

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“I have forgiven everyone, especially my wife who falsely claimed I did this to my child knowing it was not true. My wife should also look for me and apologize.”

“I am happy to be with my children. I have forgiven my daughter because as she has always said, she never knew. My young daughter was in Tanzania when she was required by the court to be heard before I am released and she left everything to come because she knows I am her father and I loved them.”

Wambua’s woes commenced when his estranged wife falsely accused him of defiling their daughter aged 12 at the time, following matrimonial differences.

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But he got a reprieve after he was freed on a Sh200,000 bond with an alternative cash bail of Sh30,000 by Justice George Odunga of Machakos High court before his retrial for defilement began afresh.

Although it is not yet over for him, Wambua is optimistic that he has already won.

In his ruling, while granting a prayer for a fresh trial, Justice Ondunga said that although Wambua had lodged and lost two appeals, the latest development following his daughter’s confession was likely to result in a different finding.

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