Man exposes pictures of cheating wife who has been having sex with his boss, You won’t believe what the boss said

Man exposes pictures of cheating wife who has been having sex with his boss || A POLICE officer from Bulawayo, who brought pictures to court to prove that his superior was having an affair with his wife, got the shock of his life when his boss said it was mistaken identity as the woman in the picture just looked like his wife.

Mr Taurai Tapedzanyika, a police officer whose rank was not revealed in court, told West Commonage magistrate, Ms Tancy Dube, that he needed a protection order against Stanford Madzora, a Superintendent.

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Superintendent Stanford Madzora and his ‘lover’ (inset) . The magistrate said she would deliver her ruling on Monday.

Supt Madzora denied having an affair with Mr Tapedzanyika’s wife and said he is dating a woman who looks like his subordinate’s wife.

He said the pictures brought to court of him and his subordinate’s wife as evidence were taken a long time ago.

“Your Worship those photos that have been brought to court are not of his wife. Those photos were taken long back and the woman looks like his wife,” Supt Madzora said.


Mr Tapedzanyika told the court that he is married to Mrs Sphiwe Tapedzanyika and they have four children. He said the illicit affair between Supt Madzora and his wife is causing problems in his marriage.


He said Supt Madzora assaulted him after he caught him with his wife inside a car and he took pictures of them as evidence.

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“Your Worship, the illicit affair between Madzora and my wife is causing a lot of suffering to our children and families. He has groomed, hardened and stripped my wife of the moral character of a married woman. She is now very arrogant towards me and unnecessarily rough to our children,” Mr Tapedzanyika said.



Man exposes pictures of cheating wife who has been having sex with his boss
Man exposes pictures of cheating wife who has been having sex with his boss
Superintendent Stanford Madzora and his ‘lover’ (inset) Image Credit Chronicle


“She no longer does her household duties as she spends much of her time with Madzora. She has now delegated all of the household duties to the children leaving them with less time to do their school work. Thus our children are now performing badly at school.”

Mr Tapedzanyika said his wife has developed a habit of coming home late and sleeps out on weekends.

“All this is planned by Madzora in order to humiliate, provoke and frustrate me. This affects me and my children very badly as the children want to spend time with their mother,” he said.

“I’m not the only victim of Madzora as he has also destroyed other police officers’ marriages after breaking up with his wife Beulah Zibwi. He is trouble everywhere. I pray that this honourable court grants me a protection order for Madzora to stop communicating with, accompanying my wife in a car for any reason, stops abusing me physically and for their affair to stop.”

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