Man dumps fiancée few days to their introduction because she asked him for a brand new phone

A man decided to dump the woman he was about to marry simply because she asked him for a brand new phone. 

The affected lady shared this unfortunate story of her life on social media while detailing all that transpired.

According to the lady, she has been in a relationship with the man for more than 3 years, but that came to naught the very moment she made the request.

She revealed that he has been buying her lots of gifts as well as phones, just that she wanted to upgrade her phone and asked him for money to get a new one.

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Here’s what she shared;

”I and my boyfriend have been dating for over 3 years since we met in school, I must say he’s a nice and caring man but I was carried away through the advice I got from my friends.

He used to buy me clothes, bags, shoes, hair and he has bought up to 2 phones for me since we started dating although there was a time I was robbed while returning back from work, he bought me a new phone which I’m using now.

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What happened is this, I wanted to use a higher model of the phone I’m using so asked him to give me money, he accepted but on a condition that I should sell the one I’m using then he will add money to it so i could get a new one but I refused because I wanted to make use of the money after selling it. So I insisted he should use his money to buy the new phone for me.

After the serious argument that afternoon, the next day he called me to inform me that he’s no longer interested in the relationship and therefore the introduction which we have planned to be this coming Christmas is cancelled.

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Right now I’m still confused, I don’t really know how to go about this situation, after I have informed my parents about the introduction. Had it been I known, I wouldn’t have requested for the phone.”


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