Man breaks up with girlfriend for taking off her heels and dancing barefooted at his parents’ wedding anniversary

A woman has sadly revealed how her boyfriend dumped her simply because she took off her heels and danced barefooted at his parents’ wedding anniversary.

According to her, the guy she dated was a nerd as it is beyond comprehension that he actually parted ways with her for displaying her dance skills at her parents’ party by taking off her shoes.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote; ”My worst relationship was dating a nerd!

The relationship ended the day he saw me remove my heels and was dancing leg work at his parents’ anniversary.” See the post and comments below..

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In a related development, a woman who felt her rich fiance had the capacity to book a flight for her entire family members to come to her wedding scheduled for this weekend but refused to do so has consequently called off the wedding.

The unbelievable story was shared on Twitter by the man’s friend who made it emphatic that his buddy said he can’t throw money away just like that.

Per the story, the wife-to-be reportedly asked her man to purchase a flight ticket for every member of her family so that they can come for the wedding which is scheduled to hold on May 8, 2022.

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When the man said it was not financially prudent to embark on such a path, the lady felt disappointed and canceled the wedding.

Austin wrote; ”My guys wedding is on the 8th May. His wife to be asked him to book flight for her family members to attend their wedding. The guy said he doesn’t have that kind of money to throw away. She called off the marriage.

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Man dodged a bullet.”

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