Man Bites Off The Ear Of A Colleague In A Fight Over Weed Soup (Video)

A man has bitten off a colleague’s ear in a fight over weed soup.

The incident happened at town known as Adadeintem in Assin South of Central Region.

32 years old Emmanuel Agbeko saw Isaac Atigah, Kwadwo and Adjei preparing fufu and soup.


Whiles the guys were preparing the soup for the fufu, Emmanuel Agbeko saw them adding weed to the soup and he approached them to stop them with reasons that they can’t add weed to a soup other children would eat.

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This resulted in a fight where Isaac Atigah bit off the ears of Emmanuel Agbeko who is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.



Isaac Atigah is currently in police custody where he explained to the police that he bit of Emmanuel’s ear because during the fight he also has manhandled his manhood.


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