Man beats girlfriend till she passed out after catching her having s.e.x with boss

Man beats girlfriend till she passed out after catching her having s.e.x with boss. The dating pool has now been filled with broke and entitled ladies and women manipulating more than 4 guys at the same time. A promising young guy full of life has been very heartbroken and it will take decades for him to heal from the trauma.

Guy catches his serious girlfriend having s.e.x with her boss who bought her a Benz; beats her to unconsciousness. Money has ruined many relationships and will continue to do so till the end of time. It’s more than difficult to get a very loyal partner off-late.

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According to a tweep who shared the disheartening story on the microblogging platform, this guy who is his friend became very confused and worried after his girlfriend’s boss started pampering her.

The boss who had his own intentions behind the gifts he showered on the lady later promoted her to become the head of a department meanwhile she’s new to the job and inexperienced also.

As if the promotion wasn’t enough, he later got a Benz to make her move from the house to the workplace very easily. At the back of these all, the lady was sleeping with her boss but vehemently denied anytime her boyfriend raised such concerns.

Well, luck eluded her and the boss as they got caught red-handed having s.e.x in the lady’s apartment. The guy who couldn’t control his temper landed a couple of heavy blows on the lady making her unconscious in the process.

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At the moment, the lady is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. Take a look at the Twitter thread below to know more…

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