Makhadzi slays with Louis Vuitton jumpsuit and R17,000 Gucci handbag

The woman of the moment, Makhadzi Muimbi, is living her best life. From performing in Botswana, Malawi, to dominating the local music industry, the Kokovha hitmaker is reaping huge profits from her sweat. She shared a photo of herself wearing a designer Louis Vuitton jumpsuit and an R17,000 Gucci bag.

Makhadzi put together an electric performance in Botswana in a sold-out show. She was joined on stage by Charma Gal, whom she collaborated with on the single Themba Mutu. She had the opportunity to share the stage with Charma, and she also met Vee Mampeezy.

The Matorokisi singer rocked Malawi after her Botswana show. She had the audience singing along to all of her songs, a gesture she admitted humbled her.

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Makhadzi believes her latest album African Queen opened doors for her to be accepted in the whole of Africa as its queen.

Makhadzi’s money moves

Dubbed ‘Brenda Fassie’s successor’, Makhadzi uses her opportunity as South Africa’s top artist to secure sponsorship for herself.

She recently signed an R120 million deal with sportswear maker Kicks to collaborate on the design marketing of Kokovha inspired sports shoes. As stated by Kicks, the Kokovha shoe will be all about Makhadzi’s personality and life.

The singer said naming her album, Kokovha, was one of the masterpieces of her career as it has opened doors for her to collaborate with Kicks.

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Not only is Makhadzi winning in her career, but she is also doing great for her family. She built a house for her granny, father, and mother and lastly bought a place for herself. The unselfish singer said she prefers to first provide for her family before she affords a comfortable life for herself.

Makhadzi’s Louis Vuitton jumpsuit and Gucci handbag

Often ridiculed for her lack of sense of fashion, the Limpopo based artist has changed course and is now donning expensive clothing. Yesterday she shared a picture of herself wearing a designer Louis Vuitton outfit while carrying a Gucci bag.

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Tweeps were quick to search for the price of her clothing, and surprisingly, the Gucci bag cost 850 pounds, an equivalent of R17,400 in South Africa.

No doubt Makhadzi affords her new expensive lifestyle given the number of shows she has been performing and the kind of deals she has been penning late.

Makhadzi's Gucci handbag

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