“Make Money and Enjoy Life”- Zari Hassan Stings Critics While Celebrating Birthday

Zari Hassan Stings Critics While Celebrating Birthday || Aging but glowing socialite Zari Hassan Tlale has sent out a sensitive message to critics there reminding them to make money and wealth so as to enjoy their earthly life to the fullest.

Despite clocking her early 40s, the Beauty with Purpose from Busoga is still turning out her lifestyle like a youth simply because of the too much pride of being Super Rich.

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Zari through a short video currently making rounds on social media while wearing makeup on a certain party has urged her critics to make life easier for themselves so as to emulate her through working for their Corpses while their are still ably healthy and energetic.

“That’s how rich people tame themselves, wearing makeup during parties. But if you are broke, u lament with all excuses that we who are well off are fond of showing off, its not right but I’m confident everyone can emulate our life only through hard work,” said Zari Hassan.

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